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Helping Our Local Special Education Programs

Helping Our Local Special Education Programs

School. We've all been there. We've all done it. Growing up school was August until June, 8 to 3, Monday through Friday. I remember complaining about school stuff as a kid and my mom would tell me it was my job- school was a kid's job.

Fast forward ten years and that became a reality for me. School did become my job! Right after college, I was hired as a first grade teacher at a new, k-8 school. So August to June, 8-3, Monday through Friday - that was my job. It was a job that lit a fire in me; a passion I knew I had yet was finally getting to exercise. Watching little minds grow and serving families in my community meant more to me than I knew. Here's the thing people don't know about most teachers though... it's not just an August to June, 8-3, Monday through Friday job for us. I loved the families I worked with and it wasn't uncommon to find me sitting at one of my student's tee ball games on a Saturday or a dance recital on Friday night. I attended birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese, stopped by family holiday parties, visited kids in hospitals, brought sick moms dinners, and the list could go on and on. School was my job, but I loved working with the families and children and that wasn't just an Monday through Friday, 8-3 job.

A number of years into my career, I met a handsome guy and go figure he was studying to be a teacher! Fast forward a few more years, he was done with his graduate work and got a job at our local high school, his alma mater. He was actually hired to teach special ed- we were so thrilled and felt like it was where he was supposed to be. This new special ed teacher soon became my husband... and Monte and I started our lives together. So school was my life and school was his life! We understood the commitment we both had to our students and their learning and we had this new commitment to each other as husband and wife. He wasn't attending tee ball games, but he coached his high schoolers in sports. He had worried parents calling him at all hours about their kids' grades and finals. He even had a student call and ask If he'd help him get into a rehab center... he was always going above and beyond the Monday through Friday, 8-3 hours.

Life has brought our family in a new direction- Monte still teaches special education at his alma mater, but I stay home with our two children, and we own a small business now. School. It still is a major part of our lives- Monte still has the August through June, 8-3, Monday through Friday schedule although I watch him
add in countless hours before and afterschool. I teach, although it's in a different manner now: teaching kids how to put on their shoes, teaching kids how to eat with a fork, how to wipe up messes, how to pet the dog. Definitely a change for me, but I absolutely enjoy it.

One thing I loved when I worked at a school site was serving the community... so we've brought that attitude of giving into our business. We strive to give our best to each customer. We strive to honor our first responders, military, and loved ones we have lost far too soon. We strive to help out our customers and the local community. We'd love to support the local schools and for the month of December through January 31st, we will donate 10% of sales to the local special education departments. We know teachers go above and beyond to serve their students and families so we'd like to thank them and support them.

School. We've all been there. We've all done it. For us, it is our way of life so Monte and I know the hard work that teachers put into their careers. Let's help support the special education teachers and show them the community appreciates them and all they do!! Get your orders in now at to donate!

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Martellas Custom Wine Barrel Art Introduces New Product Line Available for Wholesale

Martellas Custom Wine Barrel Art Introduces New Product Line Available for Wholesale

Livermore, California – May 1, 2017 – Martellas Custom Wine Barrel Art is set to release their brand new line of 3D custom artwork.


What began in 2014 as a way for husband and new father, Monte Martella, to pass the time while his wife and newborn daughter rested has exploded into a booming family business. “I used the week off while supporting my wife to take apart her wine barrels. As my two blessings slept, I spent my time in the garage making my first wine barrel chair. It came out a little lopsided, which was probably due to the lack of sleep, but it worked,” Monte fondly recalls.


A few Facebook photo posts had Monte receiving numerous requests to purchase his art. Monte was encouraged by the enthusiastic feedback. “We realized that we had a unique art piece and a new business on our hands,” he says.


After receiving their U.S. patents, Martellas Custom Wine Barrel Art was born. Now, with over 500 handcrafted and painted signed art pieces done to date and sales to individual customers in every state across America (and a few international sales) the Martellas are introducing their newest line of 3D American Flags.


The American flag comes in two color options: merlot, white, and blue, and in a basic black and white. The flags are available to retailers and are currently on the Martellas Custom Wine Barrel Art website.  The cost retails at $199, with wholesale scaled pricing available. The Martellas currently have over one hundred premium, signed artwork listings to choose from on their website, with the American flag being their most popular.




Monte says, “The past two years of reaching out to retailers has come with a lot of ups and downs.”  However, their recent contract with has provided a welcome boost to business and morale.


The Martellas are proud of their expanding line of products, which include personalized art, military art, and more. Consumers and retailers are encouraged to visit the Martellas Custom Wine Barrel Art website for more information.

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We Are Coming to!!

We are happy to announce that we will be selling our loved artwork on!!

Over the past year we have been working with our manufacture creating and recreating samples for this type of opportunity.  You can see the products we are starting with under the collection of "Home Decor Wall Hangs."  Click "shop here" -----> "Home Decor Wall Hangs."

We are still hard at work creating more samples to add to the product line.  Retail here we come.  Keep an eye out for us.  

Happy New Year!!

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The Mercury News 8/2/2016

Around Livermore: Family finds wine barrel art a popular niche

By and

In 2014, Monte Martella, 36, and his wife Melissa, 33, had their first child — a girl named Audrina. During his week of paternity leave, Monte, in addition to taking care of his wife and baby girl, started a new project — wine barrel art. Little did he know his naptime pastime would soon become a booming business.

“As Audrina slept, I spent this time in the garage making my first wine barrel chair,” Monte shared. “It came out a little lopsided, which was probably due to the lack of sleep, but it worked.”

His second piece was the beginning of business for the Livermore couple.

“I made a beautiful wine barrel American flag wall hang. The red strips are from the beauty of the red wine, and it became a focal point on our wall in our living room,” Monte explained.

He shared the new artwork on his Facebook page to show family and friends. Before he knew it, people wanted their own pieces. Their first clients were people they knew, but word-of-mouth spread fast.

“We quickly filed for patents and copyrights and got our business up and running,” he said.

Monte said the venture has quickly taught him and Melissa the inner workings of the “crazy” business world. He sources his materials locally, getting all of his wine barrels from Livermore and Napa.

Through their Etsy store (Martella’s Custom Wine Barrel Art), the couple has sold nearly 150 custom pieces since 2014. They also sell works at McGrail Winery, Plush Boutique and Milfleur.

It’s still a side hustle — Monte works as a special-education teacher at Foothill High School in Pleasanton and his wife stays at home with their two kids, Audrina, 2, and Brock 3 months — but the couple is gearing up to take business to the next level.

“We have plans in the works to start manufacturing and entering the wholesale market. We plan on being ready to accept wholesale orders by January 2017. In our first product line we will have the American flag, Texas flag and a couple different-sayings wall hangs,” Monte shared. “We are excited for our future.”

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The Independent 1/8/2015

Monte and Melissa Martella are teachers by day, artisans by night.

Under the light of the moon, as their baby peacefully drowses, the married couple dive into their nighttime work: crafting one-of-a-kind wine-barrel art.

"What started out as a cure for boredom while Monte was on paternity leave after our daughter's birth, has morphed into a creative business that is up-and-coming in the handmade marketplace," said Melissa. "After repurposing an unwanted wine barrel into an American flag wall hanging, the seed for Martella’s Custom Wine Barrel Art was planted."

The American Flag piece, with its red stripes vibrant from the aging red wine that naturally saturated the wood over time, is a focal point in the couple's Livermore home, reminding them how far they've come since baby Audrina's birth last March.

"During the baby's frequent naps, we spent time in the garage creating a nursing rocking chair made from a wine barrel," said Monte. "It came out a little lopsided, which was probably due to lack of sleep, but it sparked the vision that would become our passion."

Since then, Martella's Custom Wine Barrel Art has filled around 120 orders, many coming from their Etsy site which offers free shipping.

"Customers can order anything! We've had people order custom monograms, and restaurants and businesses order their logos on our wine-barrel designs," said Melissa. "We've had military members request emblems and firefighters request city names on custom flags."

The pieces take anywhere from one day to four weeks to create. The Martellas work with Bay Area artist Sean Anetsberger to create the more detailed paintings.

"Each one of our creations pays homage to the brilliance of Americana, and is worthy of being displayed in the trendiest art galleries," said Monte. "I seal all the flags with a polyurethane that has a UV protectant so it can be hung indoors or outdoors. They are dynamic pieces that catch people's eyes and start conversations."

"It's great when we can deliver the flags and see our customers' reactions," added Melissa. "We enjoy seeing how they use our art; some display it in their homes, others in their yards or businesses. We also love partnering with local businesses like McGrail Winery, Swirl on the Square, Therapy and Milfleur."

Martella's Custom Wine Barrel Art is entwined with the Livermore Valley's wine community.

"We always try to get barrels from local wineries. Mitchell Katz, Cuda Ridge, McGrail and Eagle Ridge have helped us many times," said Monte. "We currently have several of our unique wine barrel wall hangings on display at McGrail."

While Monte currently teaches at Foothill High School, Melissa is taking a break from teaching to raise Audrina and help with the business.

"We are always looking to make our small business bigger and better. Right now we're creating a line of silhouette designs and items that can be customized for weddings," said Monte, who often works under the close supervision of Reddick, the couple's Golden Retriever. "In the future, we'd love to move our business out of our home and into a local workshop where we could create much more."

The Independent News 

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