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  • Why a Handcrafted Gift is the Gift to Buy this Valentine’s Day
  • Post author
    Monte Martella

Why a Handcrafted Gift is the Gift to Buy this Valentine’s Day

Why a Handcrafted Gift is the Gift to Buy this Valentine’s Day

Are you the type of person who struggles when it comes to gifts? Whether it’s a
birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah or Valentine’s Day, these holidays are meant to show our loved ones that we care. Yet, so many of us panic and default to what we think a gift should look like. Chocolate and flowers? That’s safe, right?

This year, instead of automatically defaulting to something simple, consider a
handcrafted gifts from Martellas. Here are all the reasons why you should buy a
handcrafted gift like this for Valentine’s Day. You won’t regret it!

Love Barrel Head

Napa Valley’s wine barrel heads now have a new purpose, and they’ve never looked better. If your loved one is a wine lover, you can’t go wrong with a Love Barrel Head that not only reminds them of your love for them but also of a favorite beverage.

What will they love about the Love Barrel Head (other than the fact that you gave it to them, of course)? For one, the piece is hand painted, which means that there is a certain level of quality and care that has gone into creating it. It isn’t a generic piece that they could’ve purchased at Hobby Lobby or Home Goods. Because it is handcrafted, it always has the potential to be customized. All you have to do is ask.

Furthermore, its reclamation gives it a special charm. If your loved one appreciates a rustic, vintage or farmhouse vibe, this might be the perfect item to complete a space. It’s high-quality and filled with your love. What more could they want?

A Cooks Oak Wine Barrel

For the art and wine enthusiast in your life, skip your typical gift and give them one that will last for years in their kitchen. This three-dimensional figure made of wine barrels will look absolutely gorgeous on their wall and stand out to anyone who visits as the quality piece that it is. If you have something along these lines but would love to make it a little bit more your own, don’t hesitate to say something! Custom orders are welcome, and Martellas would love to create an order that your loved one will love. Aren’t sure it’s unique enough? To each their own…however, it does have not one but two patents on its design. This artwork is far from a copy cat of something you could easily get elsewhere.

Adirondack Oak Barrel Chair

Have someone in your life who just can’t get enough of the outdoors? While you might be hesitant to get them something practical for Valentine’s Day, this can be the ultimate expression of love. Think about it, flowers, chocolate or even jewelry has the potential to get used or admired only once. If you look for something that they’d truly use every day — like this Adirondack Oak Barrel Chair — then you’d be gifting them something that they’d incorporate into an existing routine. Each and every time they sat outside, they’d think of you and how well you knew their needs. In this way, gifts like flowers may be thoughtful, they’re also fleeting. A gift that serves a purpose in their life will forever hold an important memory of you.

Love and Religious Barrel Art

It was as if Martellas’ love and religious art section were built to serve those shopping for Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to draw from your faith or another favorite personal adage, Martellas’ has a variety of barrel art that is ideal for those who are highly sentimental. Between a loving bible verse or just a simple sign with “Love,” “Grace,” or “Faith” on it, you’re bound to find something that speaks to your relationship.

What makes this such a great gift? It’s the quality and uniqueness. Someone will
inevitably walk into your home and say, “Wow! What is that? Where did you get it?” Nothing makes a gift more special than having someone recognize it. Choose gifts that last so that your loved ones can not only enjoy them and their functions but also enjoy some of the special admiration that comes along with an especially great gift.

Final thoughts

When Valentine’s Day rolls around, it’s easy to fall into your old routine. If you’ve always done chocolates and flowers, then it’s hard to branch out into something new without feeling like it’s a risk. But once you’ve crossed over into high-quality, handcrafted gifts, you won’t ever wanted to go back. Receiving a gift that you can use for years to come instead of just one day a year is in a whole category of its own. Take a leap of faith and give your loved one a gift that takes it a step up! Visit for more.

  • Post author
    Monte Martella